2019 Membership

This is a prorated price for the remainder of 2019. We have created 3 training plans that vary by preferred mileage. R is for runners preferring low milage (10-25 miles per week). "D" is for runners looking for moderate milage (25-35 miles per week). "P" is for runners who prefer high mileage (35+ miles per week). Within these groups, we will have pace groups broken out so that all levels and abilities will be accommodated. This training block runs form August 13th through December 10th. For this block, the plan focuses on building speed and endurance! The calendar has each of the remaining Runologie Race Series races (Hopscotch 8K and the Trophy Trot) built in, plus the Sir Walter Running Pop Up XC meets held at Dix Park.



One time payment of $95

Currency: US Dollar

Additional Personal Coaching

Runners looking for more in-depth and personalized coaching have the option of working one-on-one with one of the RDP coaches at a discounted rate of $75 per month, in addition to joining the membership. Athletes will be given an individualized plan with workouts updated weekly through Training Tilt. Race plans can be individualized to the client's preference. Athletes choosing this options will have all-access to coaches through text/email communication. This is a great addition for those with busy schedules needing a little more flexibility in scheduling. Whether you want to BQ or OTQ, we can help you get there!

This plan includes the $185 membership fee, as well as the discounted additional coaching rate.



$75 / Month

Setup Price: $185

Currency: US Dollar